Net Links

The American Working Terrier Association Message Board is at and is one place you can meet fellow working terrier enthusiasts.

Dirt-Dog is a wonderful site and a real must-see. Check out this work of art at Terrific "super earth" go to ground, etc.


The Countryside Alliance in Britain is trying to keep working terriers employed in the mother-land of all our working terriers. It’s an uphill battle with the PETA folks who have been so successful at stopping fox hunting that the overpopulated fox population in Britain is now dying of mange and has to be poisoned (this is better?). Check out the Countryside Alliance at

Earthdog-Squirrel Dog at is a nice site with one of the best pictures of a border terrier going through a tunnel I've seen. This site used to be linked up with a list serve, but that seems to have died. If anyone knows what became of it or how to get on it, let me know.

Karen Pryor is the queen of clicker training and if you don’t do it, you should try it (she’s also a border terrier owner!) Pryor’s book, “Don’t Shoot the Dog” is a life-transforming book that is about FAR more than dog and animal training. Her site can be found at

Arthur Carter Field Sports in England has deben collars if you are doing real hunting for larger critters (fox, raccoons, groundhog). These can be found at

Amost every Type of Dog-related List Serve can be found at Whether your interest is frisbee or flyball, obedience or conformation, whether it is disease-specific or breed-specific, you’ll probably find it here. This site is a real service.

Chagnon Trapping Supplies
is a truly unique web site. They’ve got every kind of trap imaginable, plus the really useful stuff like a gallon of Raccoon urine. Whether you’re looking to catch a squirrel to practice go-to-ground, or get your dog tracking critters in the woods, this place could be helpful. They have wonderful things like a “Tin Cat” that will catch 2 dozen mice at a time (alive!) as well as an “Elevator Sparrow Trap.” Great prices, weird stuff, and some of its is actually useful even if you live in the suburbs. Check it out at

Tomahawk Live Trap is less comprehensive and exotic than Chagnon’s (see above), and can be found at

Advanced Book Exchange is the of used books and can be found at I’ve gotten a lot of great books (they all appear to be like-new) from these folks. This is really just a consortium of used book stores all over the world and you will deal with the individual stores (generally by e-mail). If you tell them what you want (on any topic) they’ll find it. Stop paying retail. For those of you who are really cheap (relax, be Scottish, and consider it a compliment) visit where last year’s popular $26 hardcover is available for just $2.50. Some pretty good dog books if you pick through carefully.

Corsini Canine Conucopia at is an English company that has dogs books, prints and art (both print and sculpture) Worth looking at if you're in to this kind of thing.

Dr P's Dog Training is perhaps the best single dog training site on the internet. Start here if you want to know how to really train your dog. Affiliated with the U. of Wisconsin Psych. Department.

Rats-the Film can be found at
A great film about rats in Washington, D.C. Weird, cool, sick and socially responsible all at the same time.

Direct Book Services is at and they have tons of great books (you can buy Karen Pryor’s book excellent book on clicker training as well as clickers here).

Rats! the Game was created by Sean O'Connor and can be downloaded directly from your computer at
This is a shareware "game of rodent extermination in which you try to kill all the rats before they have a chance to mate and overrun the maze." The description goes on: "You can use bombs, radioactive waste, poison gas, stop signs, and gender changing signs."
Enough said. Check it out!


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