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Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man by David Brian Plummer, Brian D. Plummer

		Plummer is the best rat-catcher that ever picked up a pen.  Most of his books 

		are great, but this one is the very best, and the next one on this list is a close second.  

		Plummer describes the rat as "the  unheralded game-animal of Great Britain," and 

recounts great stories and techniques hard-learned over a life time of ratting and earth work. 
The Complete Jack Russell Terrier by D. Brian Plummer

		The honest history of the Jack Russell is here in black and white and without apologies.  

		This book is about more than Jack Russell's, however, and is strongly recommended

		reading for anyone who wants to work their terrier. 
Earthdog Ins and Outs by Jo Ann Frier-Murza

		This is a terrific book -- the most comprehensive book to date on working your earth 

		dog.  Every type of terrier breed is covered, as is the training of your dog, 

		problem solving, the history of working terriers, working terriers in Europe, etc.  

		Click here to go to Jo Ann Frier-Murza's own site and the book's table of contents:
Working Terriers, Management and Training by J.C. Jeremy Hobson

		A very nice general book on working terriers.  A must-have for your library.
Dig In, Earthdog Training Made Easy by Mario Migliorini

		The first American book on earth dog training.  A nice book, if not particularly informative.
More Cunning Than Man: A Social History of Rats and Man by 

		Robert Hendrickson

		     This eye-opening, well-researched examination of mankind's oldest competitor 

		is filled with weirdly fascinating information about the history of the rat and the 

		way it consistently outsmarts man.
The Rat : A Perverse Miscellany by Barbara Hodgson / Hodgeman

             		A full-color homage to everybody's favorite rodents.  The Rat is packed with 

		rat facts, rat fiction, rat lore, rat art, and more. Quick-paced and fun-to-read, 

		this compendium explores the unsinkable rat in fables, folklore, novels, pulp 

		fiction, and horror flicks.

Rats, Lice, and History by Hans Zinsser

		An old but great book.  I quote from the review:  " This book should 

		be on every shelf in the shop. It belongs in Humor, Literature, History .... 

		anywhere you like!  Don't be afraid if you're not a scientist .... anybody can read it 

		.... this book is absolutely delicious.  And what a great conversation piece !!!

		People just cannot understand why anybody would read a book with this title 

		so you'll get to tell them all about it. Everything about it is fun, from the chapter 

		headings to the footnotes ..... and all the time, you have no doubt that the author 

		is an expert and that you're learning something interesting .... that you don't need 

		to know .... and that makes it more fun. "


Other Book by Brian D. Plummer (D. Brian Plummer)

Merle : Start of a Dynasty - About one of Plummer's dogs

Omega - About another of Plummer's dogs. A fun read.

Modern Ferreting - A manual

Adventures of an Artisan Hunter - A memoir about weird stuff Plummer has eaten.

Complete Lurcher - A very good manual / book

Fell Terrier - A very good manual / book

Lepus - A novel with a terrier and a badger as main characters.

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