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Click here to learn the fundamentals of ratting.


Rats have killed more people than all wars combined. We have trapped them, poisoned them, drowned them, gassed them and still they keep coming . . .

. . . Now it's time to turn the dogs on them!

Rat Dog is the site for terrier ratting -- an ancient and honorable pastime going back hundreds of years. If you own a terrier, then you own a ratting machine who's DNA is coded to do a job.

Owning a working terrier without allowing it to work, is like owning a vintage bottle of fine wine just so you can read the label.

Click here to learn the fundamentals of ratting.


Our Patron Saint:
The "Patron Saint" of all rat dogs is Teddy Roosevelt who created the American Rat Terrier and kept rats at the White House for his terriers to work. To read more, go to the "Types of Rat Dogs" page located at this site, and click on the Rat Terrier link.


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