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The Art of Rien Poortvleit
Rien Poortvleit was a fabulous artist with an incredible eye for color and detail, and a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of dogs and wildlife which came together to create spectacular pictures of working dogs, including working terriers. >>
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The Groundhog Hunt Song
The groundhog hunt song
dates from the the mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia and was probably written around the turn of the 20th Century, or shortly before. This audio version is done by Jimmy (Driftwood) Morris, and was recorded in Timbo, Arkansas on August 30, 1969. We have the lyrics and the music as well as an audio file! >> To read, hear & see more

A Working Terrier Quiz
Here's a quiz that's only 10 questions long, but covers a lot of ground. What does it means when the Deben box is on the fritz? What do you do when your dog disappears underground in an undiggable earth? What is the most essential characteristic of a working terrier? What is the true chest span of a red fox? What is the average height of American fox-working terriers? Can you tell one bit of animal scat from another? What's the world's foremost authority on red fox say about foxes and fox hunting?
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Funny Pictures and Cartoons
For those looking for a chuckle, here are a few funny or odd pictures and cartoons. >>
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Cut to La Chasse: Working Terriers in France
"Tonto was a delightful, handsome and intelligent animal. Two thousand years of breeding for ability rather than looks had made all the difference. Admittedly he tried to kill my ferrets the moment he clapped eyes on them, but apart from that he didn't seem half as thuggish as Eddie had made him out to be." >> To read more


The Mystery of the Golden Ants
An ancient tale of gold-bearing wildlife in the Asian subcontinent has recently been revived -- and perhaps validated -- by a French explorer braving the unstable political climate and harsh environment of Baltistan. The mystery of the "golden ants" dates back 2,500 years to the time of Herodotus, who wrote of creatures that dug up rich, gold bearing soil. >> To read more


Plummer Terriers
Like all working terriers, a Plummer Terrier is a composite animal. This one is mostly Jack Russell, with a strong dash of beagle (added for nose), and bull terrier (added for toughness).  A fell terrier was supposedly mixed in to improve the overall appearance.  This strain of terriers, first created by Brian Plummer in the late 1970s and 80s, now breeds true in appearance. >> To read more

The recent development of pocket digital cameras that can capture up to 3 minutes of video clips with sound should provide for some interesting clips in the near future. In the interim, here are two of the business-end of a skunk, and two Illinois women showing how to tail out a groundhog for relocation.
Spraying Skunk Video
Live-catching Groundhog Clip

Dog Packs & Six Packs
Man tamed the dog 10,000 years ago, at about the same time that he figured out how to ferment mead, beer and wine. Coincidence? Probably, but it's an association that lives on in a suprising number of beer and wine labels.
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The Cicada and the Fox
In May of 2004, the largest insect invasion on earth hatched out on the east coast of the U.S. For terriers Brood X cicadas means 2005's population of raccoon, fox, and possum will be especially robust.
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