Groundhog Song

The song you can hear by clicking on the link below is called "The Groundhog" or "The Groundhog Hunt" and it's been done many times by many artists with slightly different tunes and lyrics. This song is in .ram format and can be played using RealPlayer, whic can be downloaded for free here.

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This audio version is done by Jimmy (Driftwood ) Morris, and was recorded in Timbo, Arkansas on August 30, 1969. The lyrics to this version can be read at: 

The original song dates from the the mountains of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia and was probably written around the turn of the 20th Century, or shortly before.

As previously noted, there's a raft of lyrics for this song, and a couple of variations on the tune. The lyrics appended below are those sung by The Dillards, with a few verses changed and added for my own amusement.

The next-to-the-last verse is grounded in fact. Groundhog skins were often used for banjo heads before the advent of plastic and store-bought hides. An example of a fretless banjo with a groundhog skin head can be seen -- and purchased -- at the web site of a Tennessee luthier at

For those interested in learning this tune, the basic banjo chords can be found in the box at the bottom of this page, and more notations and practice tips are given at


The Groundhog Hunt

Way down yonder in the fork of the branch (2x)
The old sow whistles and the little pigs dance
Groundhog, groundhog.

Well come on Larry, now get your dog (2x)
We're going up the holler to catch a groundhog
Groundhog, groundhog.

Well we dug down, but we didn't dig deep (x2)
There lay a whistle pig fast asleep
Groundhog, groundhog.

One on top n' two underneath (x2)
Hear them groundhogs grind'in their teeth
Groundhog, groundhog.

Well here comes George with a six foot pole (2x)
Twists that groundhog right out of that hole
Groundhog, groundhog.

Well come on Larry bring your gun (2x)
We got that groundhog on the run
Groundhog, groundhog

Come here Larry I'm all out'a breath (2x)
That groundhog's choke'n my dog t' death
Groundhog, groundhog.

Pull out the knife, get 'im on the side (2x)
God-a-mighty, that's a pretty big wide
groundhog, groundhog.

Well yonder comes Sailor with a snicker and a grin (2x)
Groundhog grease all over her chin
Groundhog, groundhog.

Eat the meat and save the skin (x2)
Stretch in tight on the banjo rim
Groundhog, groundhog.

Well who put the pig  in the sausage machine (2x)
Turn the crank and what do you see?
Ground hog, ground hog.




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