Basic Health Care

Health Care in the Field
Since you are the human with the credit card, the cell phone, and the keys to the truck, you are in charge when it comes to emergencies in the field. These emergencies may range from poisoning to traps, from suffocation to laceration. Whatever the problem, the thing that will matter most in the end is preparation beforehand and quick level-headed action afterward.
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Antibiotics for Less
Your dog will eventually need antibiotics. Most major pet catalogues sell them without prescription, but you must follow three simple rules: give the right drugs, give the right dose, and keep the regime up long enough. One of the best antibiotics for simple wounds is cefalexin which is called "Fish-Flex" when sold for pond fish. The fish version has no bad additives (fish are sensitive) and is easily water soluble. >> To read more
Veterinary Care Without the Bite
Consumer Reports writes: "Even if your pet is perfectly healthy, vets are now ready with a battery of tests, shots, and even X-rays for the annual wellness checkup, costing up to $140 for kittens and puppies and as much as $340 for geriatric cats and dogs." >> To read more
n With vet care, quality and price are not always correlated. >> See vet prices in the DC metro area (PDF)
The Dangers of Skunk Toxic Shock
Underneath a coat of luxuriant black and white fur, the stripped skunk weighs just a few pounds and lives on a diet of beetle grubs and worms. Despite it's small size, however, the skunk is one of the most serious threats to the life of a working terrier. If a dog is sprayed underground, it can be overwhelmed, lose consciousness and die from toxic shock. Even if a dog survives, it may perish from anemia later on. >> To read more
Flea and Tick Remedies and Their Cost
The single best remedy for ticks and fleas is the human eye, a good flea comb, and a flea bath after taking your dog into the field. Remember that most dens have fleas in them, and that ticks are a summer bane. Seed ticks inhabit burrows and are particularly tough to get rid of.
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Common Dog Diseases
Rabies, distemper, parvo, coronavirus, adenovirus, leptospirosis, bordatella, giardiasis, and borreliosis. What are they and what are their symptoms? How are these diseases transmitted, how serious are they, and how many of these diseases are easily preventable? At what age can you reasonably stop worrying?
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Vaccines for Less
Parvo and distemper kill more dogs than anything else and these diseases are totally preventable.
Do NOT allow puppies to socialize with other dogs outside of the kennel until they are at least 14 weeks old. This means do not allow the puppies outside on grass or other dirt until their first array of shots has been completed.>> To read more
Microchipping, Tattoos and Slide Tags
When out hunting, we are often far from home, and our dogs are without their normal dangle tags. A compounding problem is that some dogs may go off on their own if they think it will provide a dividend. Microchipping, tattoos and slide tags are the answer. >> To read more

Mange in Red Fox
Sarcoptic mange is one of the diseases that thins out red fox populations in the absence of hunting, coyotes, or wolves. When red fox occupy den sites year after year, mange mites can colonize dens and never die off. In a healthy fox population (i.e. one that is not overly crowded), red fox will leave a den site fallow two years out of three. >> To read more

Releasing Your Dog From a Trap
A farmer may allow a trapper to work his property and simply forget to tell you -- or he may set a trap for a pesky raccoon, possum or groundhog and not expect you to be coming by. If your terrier runs into a simple leghold trap, the damage is generally minimal if you know how to release your dog quickly. >>
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A Parable About Genetic Testing
In this town there lived a man who had been able to save enough money from his hard work that he decided that he was now able to afford a very nice house for his family. In one of the nicer parts of town was a beautiful old house that appeared to be vacant ...
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