Flea & Tick Remedies

The single best remedy for ticks and fleas is the human eye, a good flea comb, and a flea bath after taking your dog into the field. Remember that most dens have fleas in them, and that ticks are always a summer bane.

Seed ticks inhabit burrows and are particularly tough to get rid of -- you will need to dip the dog in a pyrethrin dip several times if you are unlucky enough to get into these.

Some topical products may be better for pets with flea allergy dermatitis than oral medications, as they will kill the fleas before they have a chance to bite.

Does it?

Bio Spot



Gentle Touch


Front-line Plus

Kills Adult Fleas


No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repels Adult Fleas


No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kills Eggs & Larvae


Yes Larvae Only No Larvae Only Yes
Stops Development


Yes No No No Yes
Repels & Kills Ticks Yes No No No Kills Only Kills Only
Repels & Kills
Mosquitoes (Heartworm vectors)
Yes No No No No No
Administration Apply Topically Oral Pill Apply Topically Apply Topically Apply Topically Apply Topically
Dosage Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Active Ingredients Permethrin
& BiolarŪ /NylarŪ IGR
Lufenuron Imidac-loprid Sodium Lauryl Sufate & Citric Acid Fipronil Fipronil and Methoprene IGR
6-Month Supply (for 25 lb. dog) $11.98 $33.99 $36.99 $12.98 $56.98 $65.98