A Visual Display of
Quantitative Data


The graph below was put together by Waylon Ramming based on information in the working terrier data table at

The graph below is broken out by sex, and by quarter inch increments.

  • Of the 355 working terriers aggregated below, 200 are bitches and 155 are dogs.

  • Of the 200 bitches, 99 are 12 inches tall or less.

  • Of the 155 dogs, 37 are 12 inches tall or less.

The AKC standard for the Jack Russell Terrier lists the minimum size requirement for the Jack Russell at 12 inches.

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America has a bifurcated standard that recognizes dogs 10 to 12.5 inches tall in one class, and dogs 12.5 to 15 inches tall in another class.

The skewed sex ratio we find in the field among working terriers is quite remarkable when one considers that unspayed bitches are often unable to work due to heat cycles and pregnancy.









Under its winter fur, a red fox is not a very large animal.

The body size and shape of the red fox on the left can be seen clearly in the Wasco Taxidermy mount of a red fox at the right. This mount, by the way, is the larger of the two mounts that Wasco makes, and it has a chest span of just 14 inches .