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Mountain in tight and shallow den pipe, June 2004.



Dirt Dog: If your dog doesn't look like this,
then you were just walking in the woods


Pearl chased this one up a tree.


Dirt dog meets mud wall of a dug in groundhog.

A third one was released.


All quarry is quickly and humanely dispatched
before a dog gets its 10 seconds of reward



Vixen released to dig to again.


Mountain and Sailor: A nice pair of hole dogs.



Raccoon released up a tree.



A little 10 pounder from Nick's Hay Field.




Released for another day.



On the set for the movie "Holes".


This sette went around in a corkscrew!



Mountain disappears under a rock ledge near the house.


Mountain nose-to-nose with a groundhog.




Mounted staked.


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