Earthdog Ins & Outs

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Ten Reasons to Get the Book


1. You’ll develop a new respect not only for your own brand & breed of dog, but also for other earth dogs you may have previously mocked. This book gave me a new appreciation for the versatility and power of the non-terrier "wiener dog", and blew my mind when it told about the fellows who owned 700 dogs at once in their efforts to create the hard-charging little Jagdt terrier back in the 1920s. If you own a Jack, cairn, border, fox, westie, norwich, scottie, Welsh, Irish, or any other kind of terrier or dachshund, you’ll want to read about WHAT they hunted and HOW they hunted on their native soil and what they can do here in America.

2. You’ll discover what to do with your earthdog on cold and rainy days when the tunnels are soaked. Use that living room to teach scent hunting. Get your "terror" ready for real field work as soon as the sun shines!

3. Learn how to build a solid but versatile tunnel that will get your dog all the way through to his Master Earthdog certificate, complete with roller obstacle, constrictions, trap doors to create dig-throughs, solid quarry boxes, etc.

4. Need to develop a solid and quick recall out of the den? Want to develop a quick and assured den entry? It’s easy once you know a few training tricks. Jo Ann goes through all the common problems and offers debugging tips based on over 25 years worth of earthdog experience.

5. Believe it or not, YOUR enthusiasm can cripple your earthdog’s abilities. Learn what NOT to do, and how to get back on the right track again if you make a mistake.

6. Has your dog got the wooden-tunnel thing down? Jo Ann gives solid tips on how you, and your dog, can train for REAL FIELD HUNTING. Learn WHEN to go and WHERE to go, and most importantly of all: what to do BEFORE you go.

7. Going to take your little "terror" to a Junior, Senior, or Master Earth dog trial? What’s the difference, and how should you prepare differently? What problems may you encounter at the trial, and how can you prepare for them?

8. Looking for other terrier people? Learn about the AWTA, JRTCA, BTCA, and AKC trial networks and about earth dog newsletters and magazines you can subscribe to.

9. Check out the magnificent earthdog setups constructed by the Germans, Swedes, Finns, Ukrainians and Georgians. Live foxes and badgers are put in the tunnels yet, due to clever tunnel construction, these semi-wild animals never make physical contact with the dog. The best of all worlds!

10. You deserve to own the best of something (besides your dog, of course), and this book is just that -- the BEST BOOK WRITTEN TO DATE (and probably for a long time to come) on earthdog training. Owning a well-built earthdog without using him to work is like owning a perfect vintage wine only to admire the label.

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