Stormy Nights and Frosty Mornings




Stormy Nights and Frosty Mornings by Paul Dooley is a new 200-page book with 120 black and white pictures of working terriers, lurchers and ferrets in the U.K.

The book is not a 'how to do it' type manual, but rather a compilation of the author's hunting adventures in the UK with his dogs. Lamping rabbits and foxes with lurchers, coursing hares, hunting foxes with terriers both above and below ground, ratting with terriers and ferreting rabbits, and even a little deer stalking are all thrown in.

This book has received glowing reviews in 'Earth Dog Running Dog' magazine which is the UK's premier magazine for terriers and lurchers, and has also received very positive reviews in the Countryman's Weekly paper.

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Large dog fox caught above ground by
lurcher and terrier. - Photo Paul Dooley

Careful now! Vixen bolted into net. - Photo Paul Dooley

Collie lurcher on ferreted rabbit that slipped the net.- Photo Paul Dooley

"Tawny" - a second generation collie-greyhound lamping rabbits in Wales. - Photo Paul Dooley

Single handed coursing.
Photo Paul Dooley

Tawny gets her fox.
Photo Paul Dooley

Digging to Spring fox with gamekeepers in the Scottish Highlands. - Photo Paul Dooley

Three good dogs, gone now: Brucey the lurcher, Nipper the Jack Russell and Buster the Fell Hound - Photo Paul Dooley

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