Boss Hog

A picture page of giant groundhogs & other terrier quarry, and the dogs that made them famous.

Have more pictures? Send photo and the name of dog to Let me know if you want your name used, if you have a weight for the animal, and where the quarry was located.

An October groundhog from Nicks high field,
worked by Beth K's Pip and Rock.


Aurora R. in Kentucky with 17 pound groundhog and 10 inch Wild Remain Summo.



A nice 15 pounder taken by Sailor near Buckeystown, MD




Stu from the U.K.and his nice pair of Bedlington's with a whopping take of 43 rats!


Greg B. with Lakota's 19 pound Ohio groundhog.

Big Kentucky groundhog tailed out alive. Located by Michele K's Emma



Big groundhog bolted by Aurora R's 10 inch Wild Remain Bits.

Scott K.'s Bucky earns his hunting certificate on groundhog in Maryland. This hog is very much alive.


Greg D. with 19.25 pound New Jersey fox located by 12 pound Jagd-Fell terrier bitch Flo, and pulled by Stien, 21 lb Jagt terrier dog.


Hunter's Moon Shiner gets her certificate to groundhog. Rick H. and wife Joy hold 12 pound dog and 14 pound hog.


Aurora with very alive -- and very fat -- Kentucky possum.


A happy Greg B. with a very big Maryland groundhog taken by 3 T's Terra.


Big possum nailed by Foxwarren Kelly II


16 pound possum nailed by Kate Kenny's 9" and 11 pound Norwich Terrier, Ali.



14.5 pound possum nailed by Kate Kenny's Ali, Norwich Terrier, and Nut, a Patterdale-Jack Russell cross


Nice snared groundhog located by
Riot owned by Shannon O.



A happy Sailor with two early August groundhogs.




A nice shot of Sailor, a determined and muddy little dog.




Smile for the camera! Chris M.'s' Briar and Bramble with a young groundhog.


Sherri R.'s Sarah's very nice Maryland fox was released to run another day.